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4 Band Stability Band Set



The Stability Bands have been designed with an evidence-informed approach by medical professionals. The Bands are perfect for glute activation drills as well as for dynamic pre-workout warmups. 


The Stability Bands utilize rotational resistance to target strength building of the core, hips, knees, and the foot and ankle complex, while simultaneously aiming to improve balance, coordination, and motor control. Very few systems can blend strengthening and motor control into exercises that have been specifically developed to re-create movements that are needed to protect from injury and improve physical performance. 


The set includes 4 resistance bands: 


Green: 12 lbs: Super Light

Red: 20 lbs: Light

Blue: 25 lbs: Medium

Black: 35 lbs: Heavy


The set includes the following attachments: 1 Heavy Duty Trunk Strap, 1 Band Anchor, 2 hand loops, 2 foot loops, carrying pouch (see picture). Bands are approximately 3 feet long. 


Stability Bands have been tested in outpatient orthopedic clinics and are incredibly durable, with a million plus reps on the bands. Over this period there were zero reported injuries or adverse events! The full-length nylon sleeve protects the cord from UV rays, over-stretching, and injury from occasional breakage.


Use caution when performing any exercise.

Consult a medical professional before performing any exercise or starting any exercise program.


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